“The Distance Between Us”, by Reyna Grande

mayo 29, 2012


In “The Distance Between Us” Reyna Grande recounts growing up in the U.S. after immigrating illegally from Mexico at the age of nine.

Once she reaches the U.S., Reyna must not only get to know the father she has been separated from for eight years, but she must also learn to navigate life in this new country.

She quickly realizes that, despite now living in this beautiful place, life is far from perfect. Her father, Natalio, isn’t the father Reyna and her siblings had longed for. Instead he’s an alcoholic who becomes more and more violent as time goes by.

To cope with her father’s abuse, Reyna finds solace in books, writing, and playing instruments.  When she is sixteen she struggles with the seemingly contradictory goal of becoming a strong independent young woman free from her abusive father while at the same time desiring desperately to make her father proud.

Reyna goes on to attend junior college and her father gets arrested for spousal abuse.  She becomes attracted to various Latina writers whose stories reflect her own. Ultimately she transitions into a four-year college where she becomes closer to making her dreams a reality.



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