The New York Times bestselling author of The Map of Time returns with a mesmerizing novel casting H.G. Wells in a leading role, as the extraterrestrial invasion featured in The War of the Worlds is turned into a bizarre reality.

A love story serves as backdrop for The Map of the Sky when New York socialite Emma Harlow agrees to marry millionaire Montgomery Gilmore, but only if he accepts her audacious challenge: to reproduce the extraterrestrial invasion featured in Wells’s War of the Worlds. What follows are three brilliantly interconnected plots to create a breathtaking tale of time travel and mystery, replete with cameos by a young Edgar Allan Poe, and Captain Shackleton and Charles Winslow from The Map of Time.
Praised for “lyrical storytelling and a rich attention to detail,” (Library Journal, starred review), Palma again achieves the high standard set byThe Map of Time.



 Living under an assumed identity and risking his life were all in a day’s work for U.S. Government Agent Hipolito Acosta. He worked regularly in high-stakes undercover operations infiltrating Mexico’s murderous immigrant smuggling rings and drug cartels.

 Acosta’s investigations are legendary, both inside law enforcement and the crime cartels he helped neutralize. He had himself smuggled from Mexico to Chicago with a truckload of poor immigrants; worked his way into the confidences of a gang of international counterfeiters; socialized with some of Mexico’s most vicious drug lords; arrested a female smuggler by luring her across the U.S. border for an amorous rendezvous; and was the target of multiple murder plots by the criminals he put in jail.


For three decades, Hipolito Acosta’s work routinely made national headlines, and he quickly gained a reputation as a daring crime fighter who used his intelligence and audacity to stay one step ahead of those who would kill him if his cover were ever blown.


Acosta’s stories read like chapters from a page-turning crime novel, but The Shadow Catcher is more than a front-seat ride through the criminal underworld along the U.S./Mexico border. This heartbreaking exposé goes beyond sensational headlines and medals of honor to divulge what an agent endures in order to ensure that U.S. law is enforced and to reveal the unseen human side of illegal immigration.


In “The Distance Between Us” Reyna Grande recounts growing up in the U.S. after immigrating illegally from Mexico at the age of nine.

Once she reaches the U.S., Reyna must not only get to know the father she has been separated from for eight years, but she must also learn to navigate life in this new country.

She quickly realizes that, despite now living in this beautiful place, life is far from perfect. Her father, Natalio, isn’t the father Reyna and her siblings had longed for. Instead he’s an alcoholic who becomes more and more violent as time goes by.

To cope with her father’s abuse, Reyna finds solace in books, writing, and playing instruments.  When she is sixteen she struggles with the seemingly contradictory goal of becoming a strong independent young woman free from her abusive father while at the same time desiring desperately to make her father proud.

Reyna goes on to attend junior college and her father gets arrested for spousal abuse.  She becomes attracted to various Latina writers whose stories reflect her own. Ultimately she transitions into a four-year college where she becomes closer to making her dreams a reality.