“How to Rule the World from Your Couch”, Laura Day by

noviembre 15, 2010

Who uses intuition?  The answer is everyone. For over twenty years, Laura Day has used intuition and taught tools for employing it to maWke businesses stronger, to help people find love, heal their own bodies, effectively communicate with their children when their children were unwilling to listen, to make better decisions, and to accomplish their dreams—dreams that seemed impossible to achieve at the outset.

To overcome challenges such as these, Day developed techniques, presented here, to create dazzling results in less time and with less “work”. You can initiate these techniques from your couch—by using your innate ability to utilize that knowledge that you have inside of you to transmit and receive information, and to build a new reality.

As Laura recently said during an interview on Good Morning America: “98% of what you experience, is planning on the couch, or the planning, and 2% of what you experience is your choices.”

Everything you learn in this book will make your decisions better, your relationships stronger, your actions more effective and your life easier. The following are the techniques that will be explained in this book

· Intuition, or flashes of insight gained without using traditional sources of “information”

· Mediumship, or the ability to become someone or something else and view the world from its perspective, which allows you to work from within a person or situation and to directly experience that perspective.

Remote viewing, or the ability to perceive a physical location or person at a distance, which allows you to experience how a person or situation is structured and how to change that structure in a desired way.

Telepathy, or the ability to send and receive information from a distance, which allows you to engage in a comprehensive and unlimited dialogue with your environment and the people in it. This vital skill helps you negotiate, understand, attract, convince and be present even at a distance. If telepathy is too ‘out there’ for you, think of it simply as a form of positive visualization: your thoughts and focus become vital messengers for whatever or whomever it is that you wish to affect.

Precognition, or the ability to move a person or situation forward in time and accurately experience what will happen, which allows you to employ all of the skills above to predict possible outcomes with some level of accuracy, and to make changes that will create the best possible scenario.

Healing, or the ability to remotely transfer of energy to have a positive influence on a person or situation.
·Body Heat, or the ability to connect physically and emotionally with another from a distance.

Each section in the book will also include an exercise section.

Como controlar el mundo desde tu sofa, the Spanish translation of How to Rule the World from Your Couch by acclaimed teacher, healer and New York Times bestselling author Laura Day, demonstrates how to tap deeper into your intuition to transform: your relationships, health and financial situation “from your couch.”



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