The son of Laura Posada and Jorge Posada, the New York Yankees’ All-Star Catcher, was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis, a congenital or birth defect, when he was just 10 days old. Since then he has undergone eight major surgeries to correct the condition. The Posada family kept their son’s condition a secret from the media and their immediate family. Laura, a successful lawyer, found herself dealing with the situation alone. She decided to stay home with her son until he underwent his first surgery nine months after birth, while Jorge also suffered in silence as he tried to stay strong under the pressure of performing as a Yankees baseball player.
In this memoir Jorge and Laura reveal the ‘power of transformation’: Jorge and Laura went from being two people accustomed to winning, success and unyielding accomplishment, but all of that was turned upside down when they were faced with their son’s illness. Major elements of their lives became redefined, as individuals and as a couple, as they navigated their way through the challenges of their son’s diagnosis and eventual treatment. In the beginning their son’s sickness was kind of like a ‘dirty little secret,’ given Jorge’s celebrity status, and the couple wanting to protect their son; but in time they realized that it was this very celebrity status, coupled with their willingness to open up, that would allow them to help millions of other people with the same problem. Once they came clean about it, they realized they had the power to make a difference—not only for patients of craniosynostosis, but people suffering with any type of illness. They decided to open a foundation to help kids with the same condition which really gave new meaning to their lives as a family.
Before being a celebrity athlete or a lawyer, Jorge and Laura are a father and a mother, a husband and a wife—and the fortitude and foundations of their family values have helped them face even the worst of days and keep their marriage strong.

About the Authors

Jorge Posada is an all-star catcher for the New York Yankees, a position he has held since 2000. Laura Posada is an attorney, a certified personal trainer, and CEO of Laura Posada, LLC. The couple lives with their two children, Jorge Luis and Paulina, in Florida.