Unforgettable You by Daisy Fuentes

enero 17, 2010

Everybody wants to be noticed and admired, they want to be unforgettable. The concept of what makes a person more desirable and appealing has always fascinated and intrigued model and fashion designer Daisy Fuentes. Early on in her career, Daisy became intrigued by the “it” factor that made certain stars more billable and bankable than others.

Unforgettable You will teach you how to create as much beauty, style, health and irresistibility as you could hope for. Daisy will show you how to be honest with yourself and give you some “tough love” advice and tasks to complete. The book will be full of Daisy’s personal stories and the advice that she has learned along the way from celebrities and experts. This will not be a preachy, “how to change your life” handbook; rather, it will be an encouraging, “friend to friend” field-guide. The intention of Unforgettable You is to help you to become the very best version of yourself. Daisy breaks her approach down to easy-to-follow areas on which to focus your improvements: Knowing Who You Are, Elegance and Etiquette, Relationships, Love, Spirituality, Sex, and Beauty.

In Unforgettable You, model, actress, and designer Daisy Fuentes, offers advice, personal stories, and tips on how to become unforgettable. This book is not so much about making yourself over. It’s a guide to tap into resources you already possess. Daisy believes that what and how you eat, your approach to style, your daily lifestyle choices and your mindset, all add up to how you feel about yourself.

About the Author

Daisy Fuentes has been redefining health, fashion, beauty and fitness for almost 20 years. From MTV to network television, a slew of cable series and specials, she has the ability to move seamlessly between music, fashion, fitness and style, and to own these categories as a host, expert and guide.



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