Take Me With You by Carlos Frías

octubre 8, 2009

Carlos Frías grew up the son of Cuban exiles—only hearing about his parents’ homeland through parables. Sparked by the illness of Fidel Castro, he journeyed to Cuba for 12 days in August 2006 for the first time. There he learned about the life his family left behind nearly 40 years ago.

Take Me with You is written through the unique eyes of a first-generation Cuban-American seeing the country he has only heard about for the first time. This book expands on a five-day series that was published in The Palm Beach Post under the title, “Mi Familia: A Family Divided, Yet United,” which was submitted for the Pulitzer Prize. Take Me with You provides a fresh view of Cuba, devoid of overt political commentary, focusing instead on the gritty, tangible lives of the people living in Castro’s Cuba. As in the series, the book delves further into the effects his trip had on the family he met in Cuba and on his family in the United States. In the span of 12 days, Carlos takes in today’s Cuba and attempts to reconstruct what the past was like for his parents, retracing their footsteps, searching for his roots, and discovering his history.

About the Author

Frías, today a special projects reporter for the Palm Beach Post, has been called one of the finest young journalists in the country. The Associated Press Sports Editors have awarded him seven top-10 awards in the past four years for his work on in-depth features and investigative stories. (The APSE award is similar to the Pulitzer for sports writers.) Among those, a Journal-Constitution three-day series examined the deaths of five high school athletes, and was submitted for a 2003 Pulitzer Prize.

A South Florida native who grew up just north of the Dade-Broward County line, Frías gained the perspective of a boy born of Cuban exiles, but raised among the “gringos.” He learned from watching the lights of Little Havana glitter in the distance and hearing the stories of Cuba stitched together in three decades of anecdotes. He says he is “assembled in America from Cuban parts.” Fully bilingual, he travels easily between these two languages and brings his unique cultural sense to his writings.

Frías, 31, resides in Pembroke Pines, Florida, with his wife, Christine, and their three daughters, Elise, Amelia and Catalina Angeles.



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